Professional Portraits

Make sure your portrait makes the right kind of first impression. 

David Prieto Headshot-074.jpg


Some types of portraits are timeless, for some reason they just work. At the top of this list is what I would call a Traditional style. This is easily the most popular type of Professional Portrait for today's businessperson and it commonly used by bankers, accountants and real-estate agents. If you are looking to update your image on the Company Website or Social Media Account, particularly LinkedIn, this is the style for you. 

Business Casual

This type of professional portrait is for those who don't necessarily wear a tie to work everyday and is the most versatile option available, and are looking for a portrait that reads as friendly and professional.  Great for any type of managerial position as well as professors, journalists, therapists or small business owners.  



Creative Professional

This type of professional portrait is perfect for me, because I am a photographer! Also great for designers, chefs, tattoo artists, or anyone who wants a professional portrait that is up to date with current trends and casual.